Friday, August 30, 2013

The Greedy Babyman

My first post.

I'm publishing The Greedy Babyman (and other Japanese Tales) soon on a host of platforms.  Sony, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon Kindle, and others.

When I was learning Japanese, I used to read scores of Japanese folk tales and tell them to my kids.  A lot of the folk tales I read were about revenge.  There's the popular story about the crab and the monkey, for instance.  The monkey steals the crab's persimmons, but the crab gets the last laugh when he gets his friends to beat some sense into the monkey.  Not the kinds of stories I wanted to tell my kids.

But there were some stories I liked -- and that my kids liked.  Those are the ones I put into this small book.  Stories that could be understood by the minds of scrutable Occidentals.  The characters are often amusing: a man who gets greedy at the fountain of youth, a snail who beats a raccoon at a race, two old people who decide that the first one who says a word loses the mochi, a man who dresses up to give a fire alarm, and many more.

Like I said, I think this book is different than most.  It's not just a collection of many stories but a collection of stories that Japanese and non-Japanese alike can appreciate.  I'll post again as soon as the book is published.

My next book, a full-length novel called, Goodman Badman, will also be coming out shortly.  Some time this year.  I'll tell you more about it later.  Another publication that's already been published but I consider a draft is Students with Major Depression Neglected in CNMI.  I'll polish it up a bit and put it up for free.  Amazing  how depression and other mental illnesses are completely ignored not just in the CNMI but in the States as well.

That's all for now.  No one knows where this blog is yet anyway.

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