Saturday, August 31, 2013

Did It! (I think.)

I finished uploading The Greedy Babyman and other Fun Japanese Tales.  This upload is my Smashwords version, which sends it to a number of different ebook sellers. This week, I'll publish it to the Amazon Kindle.

It was a good first try.  I downloaded an html file of it that worked well.  Then I downloaded a .mobi version that worked well on the Kindle.  The illustrations look very nice. 

I'll have to wait to try others because my OS is too old to get the software I need to try it out on other venues.  Hmm.  Although there might be a way.

There may be a bit of tweaking I'll need to do later, but so far so good.  I read and reread instructions for formatting, and I pretty much got it right.  When creating an ebook, you can't use spaces or tabs for indents, and page breaks don't always work well.  Making a table of contents wasn't nearly as difficult as it appeared at first.  From what I read, inserting pictures can be a nightmare, but the ten watercolors I added and the glyphs all worked perfectly.


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